The next step is cleanup after fabrication. We have all the necessary tools for removing weld spatter and color as well as a walk in sandblast booth.

Industrial Design & Equipment Inc.

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Early Days

After the parts are prepped, our team of talented welders are more than capable of producing professional quality work every time. We are also certified in many processes.


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We are well equipped to help with your design whether in 2D with Autocad or 3D with Solidworks!

One of Indeco's most unique capabilities is our fabrication scope. We can complete a project 100% from start to finish. Beginning with the design of the project, whether it is a concept for a piece of equipment or a pre-established design, we can design and draw any necessary concepts and drawings. We keep a stock of inventory materials and great relationships with vendors if we need anything special. Our range of material processing machines lets us create any part we need with ease. As for fabrication, our talented crew can form, machine, and then weld virtually anything along with all the other necessary steps along the way. Once fully fabricated we have walk-in sandblast, glass bead, and powder coating booths to achieve the desired finish. We also frequently build custom pallets and rigging for safe and protected transportation of the finished product. No matter what you need Indeco is here and happy to help along the way!

In 2008 things started to get a little cramped at the inaugural building so we packed up shop and headed to 1518 Slater Road, where we are to this day. More space opened doors to new capabilities and eventually our scope started to grow even more with the acquisition of new equipment and resources.

Finish Prep:

Our Story:

It all started back in 2003 when founder and current President Craig Wasilewski started Industrial Design and Equipment Inc. and nicknamed it Indeco. From day one Industrial Design's emphasis  has been to produce the highest quality product delivered along with a smiling face and professional support offered to the customer anywhere they might need it along the way.

Once the design is finalized and materials are secured, we have an Omax water jet, saws and an ironworker, a shear, press breaks, and many more machines to create the perfect part.


"Start-to-Finish" Fabrication Capability 

We have a full powder coating line on top of our glass bead booth. We passivate all of our stainless products post blasting to ensure purity. We are also more than happy to paint any product as well.